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I’m a clinical hypnotherapist offering hypnotherapy services in the Cheshire area; I work from 2 locations – Northwich and Hale. I hold a Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma from the National Council for Hypnotherapy and I’m proud to adhere to the Council’s strict code of conduct. Click here to find out more about me, my qualifications and accreditations.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for therapeutic benefit. People can be suspicious of hypnosis, imagining that they’ll lose control of their own actions and be forced into uncomfortable situations. In fact, hypnosis is a national and relaxing state of mind, and you can often reach a similar state by focussing completely on a film or book that you’re enjoying. Your hypnotherapist is there to guide your subconscious mind but never to force you, and you’ll be in full control at all times. You’ll feel deeply relaxed, both during and after hypnosis, and most people find the process very calming.

Hypnotherapy for habits and smoking

Hypnotherapy for habits and smoking

In addition to the negative effects on your health, habits such as nail biting, excess drinking, food cravings or smoking can have a very limiting effect on your lifestyle. The longer you’ve had your habit, the harder it can be to overcome…

Hypnotherapy for habits >

Hypnotherapy for insomnia

To those who’ve never suffered from it, insomnia might not seem that big a problem. When working with an insomnia sufferer, I’ll always tailor the treatment to the individual case. Using this approach, I’ve treated many patients very successfully…

Hypnotherapy for insomnia >

Hypnotherapy for anxiety

Anxiety is an increasing problem, leaving many people feeling permanently on edge and upset. Anxiety sufferers can get a lot from hypnotherapy, and often some immediate relief during the first session…

Hypnotherapy for anxiety >

Hypnotherapy for phobias

Phobias are irrational and excessive fears of objects or situations. Different people are affected in various ways, but full-blown phobias can have a very limiting effect on your lifestyle. Hypnosis can be used to treat any type of phobia…

Hypnotherapy for phobias >

Latest From The Blog

  • Ringxiety, or “phantom ring”

Ringxiety, or “phantom ring”

  • August 25th, 2016

Ringxiety – what’s that? It’s when you’re sure you’ve heard your mobile phone ring, but it hasn’t. That’s not as serious as it sounded No, it isn’t.

  • School refusal – a case study

School refusal – a case study

  • August 4th, 2016

School refusal, which we used to call school phobia, affects about one in five children at some point in their school life, and Max* was one of them. A bright, sporty 13 year old boy with plenty of friends he was perhaps the last person you would expect to start avoiding school.

  • Foreign Accent Syndrome

Foreign Accent Syndrome

  • July 28th, 2016

In 1941 a young Norwegian woman, Astrid L, suffered a head injury during an air raid.  When she regained consciousness she started to speak with a pronounced German accent, and was shunned by her neighbours.  This is the perhaps the most famous example of Foreign Accent Syndrome.

  • Foreign emotion and iktsuarpok

Foreign emotion and iktsuarpok

  • July 28th, 2016

In one way iktsuarpok, the word the Inuit use for the fidgety feeling when guests are due, is a foreign emotion. But in another way it’s very familiar to a lot of us. So what are the emotions that we might feel that only other cultures name?