John McKenzie

About John McKenzie

John McKenzie is a trained clinical hypnotherapist working out of his office in Cheshire. He holds a Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma from the National Council for Hypnotherapy and adhere's to the Council's strict code of conduct.

Dealing with passive aggressive people

Passive aggressive people can be very frustrating to deal with. They say everything is “fine” or that “nothing’s the matter”, but everything they do tells you the opposite. So how do you recognise and deal with them?

5 ways to tackle stress at work

Stress at work is unavoidable – in fact some stress is necessary to prompt us to perform at our best. But when we’re stressed because we feel our work demands more from us than we can have to give then workplace stress becomes a real problem.

5 signs you’re in a toxic workplace

With the children back at school and the summer holiday just a happy memory it’s the time of year when we return to work, and settle in for what can seem like a long haul towards Christmas. But how can you tell if it’s just back to work blues or if something worse is going on at work?

Upward bullying – a case history

Jackie* came to see me because of the stress she was feeling at work. Stress at work isn’t exactly rare, and it’s something a lot of people see me about. What made Jackie’s story different is what was causing the stress.

Google “Am I depressed?”

Google in the US have started to add something when people search for information on depression. From now on they will direct people to an on-line depression questionnaire.

Speedcasting – what’s that about?

What were you listening to then? Justspeedcastingonmywaytowork

Self-motivation – 5 techniques for success

Self-motivation seems to come easily to some people, whilst others struggle to achieve even their most dearly held goals. In fact, those who are naturally self-motivated probably use one or more of the five following techniques without thinking about it.

Positivity – 7 habits for a positive mood

Positivity is an attitude that can be learned. So if you want to stop seeing the glass as half-empty here are 7 habits that you can adopt.

Does the Superman Stance work?

The idea of the “Superman Stance”, of standing or sitting in a “power-pose”, has gained traction over the last few years. But is this common belief backed up by any evidence?

Self esteem – a case study

Chloe* came to see me because she had persistently low self-esteem. Home from university she had been persuaded to see me by her mother, who was worried about the change in her daughter’s mood.