John McKenzie

About John McKenzie

John McKenzie is a trained clinical hypnotherapist working out of his office in Cheshire. He holds a Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma from the National Council for Hypnotherapy and adhere's to the Council's strict code of conduct.

The teenage brain explained

It’s common knowledge that teenagers’ behaviour and mood swings are down to hormones and puberty. It’s also wrong – in fact the teenage brain is much different than we understood even 10 years ago.

Ill or a teenager – should I be concerned?

One question I’m often asked by concerned parents is around their childrens’ behaviour. “They’re acting out of character and getting moody and angry – are they ill or a teenager behaving normally?”

Help your teen – 7 rules for conversations

When you want to help your teen – to try to find out what is affecting their mood or behaviour – then you’re going to have to talk to them. Talking to teens isn’t always easy, and talking to people about their mental health isn’t easy, so talking to teens about their mental health is right in the middle of the difficulty Venn diagram.

Perfectionism – a case study

Over the last few weeks I’ve been having very similar conversations with quite a few different people. They’re parents, and it’s normally, but not always, mum instead of dad that I speak to. It’s about their son or daughter, normally at university but sometimes at college, but always the effect that their perfectionism is having on them.

Hypnotherapy for sweet tooth – a case study

It’s surprising how the same sort of requests seem to come clustered together – for instance last week I had three people come independently for hypnotherapy for sweet tooth cravings.

The Victim – Karpmann Drama Triangle

The Victim – surely no-one wants to be that?

The Aggressor – Karpmann Drama Triangle

The Aggressor – how do people end up like that?

The Rescuer – Karpmann Drama Triangle

The Rescuer – what could possibly be a problem about them?

The Karpmann Drama Triangle

What is the Karpmann Drama Triangle? You may not recognize it as easily as you do a football pitch or a tennis court, but you will have been invited to play on the Karpmann Drama Triangle. And you will probably have accepted, without even knowing it – because the triangle is the basis of many social games.

Getting back to work – 4 rules to remember

A week after getting back to work the feeling for most of us is all too familiar – that our holiday is already becoming a distant memory. So how can you keep that post-holiday positivity for as long as possible?