John McKenzie

About John McKenzie

John McKenzie is a trained clinical hypnotherapist working out of his office in Cheshire. He holds a Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma from the National Council for Hypnotherapy and adhere's to the Council's strict code of conduct.

Getting back to work – 4 rules to remember

A week after getting back to work the feeling for most of us is all too familiar – that our holiday is already becoming a distant memory. So how can you keep that post-holiday positivity for as long as possible?

4 ways flying affects mood

As you board the plane for your holiday you might be excited about your time away, or you might be apprehensive about the flight. But did you know that flying affects mood in many other ways? – no matter how you feel about it.

Not working on holiday – a 6 step guide

If you’re sat round the pool on holiday, then one in six people will be answering work emails. If that’s you then you really need to read this six step guide to not working on holiday.

Hypnotherapy for menopause – case study

Lisa* came straight to the point when she rang me. “Can I have hypnotherapy for menopause symptoms? Other people I’ve rung say I can’t have it or that they don’t do it, but it’s driving me mad.”

Hypnotherapy for itching – a case study

The two people I’m talking about this month both came to me for hypnotherapy for itching – but that’s about all they did have in common.

Pastimes – 5 routes to wellbeing

Pastimes are undergoing a resurgence in popularity lately, especially with a focus on crafts. But they’re much more than fashionable – they’re a vital element in building mental wellbeing and emotional resilience.

Nature and animals – 5 ways to recharge

Time spent around nature and animals is vital for our mood and mindset. But if we take the train to work in a factory or an office, or drive to the shops at the weekend, it can be really easy to cut ourselves off from nature. That applies as much if you live in a rural area as it does if you live in town or city.

Family and friends – 5 steps for quality time

Enough quality time spent with family and friends are vital to our emotional and mental resilience. It’s not enough though to simply spend time with them. The keywords here are “enough” and “quality”.

Pessimism – a case study

Stacey* had come to see me about her persistent low mood, but she had low expectations about seeing me as well. “I don’t see it working to be honest” she told me.

Study drugs – a parent’s guide

Study drugs have moved far beyond the old standby of caffeine, through coffee or Pro-Plus. Increasing pressure around academic success and pharmaceutical advances, along with lax regulation, mean that even GCSE students are turning to study drugs.