How to mend a broken heart

How to mend a broken heart

A broken heart can come from the end of a relationship, or from unrequited love. Either way it’s painful, and it can seem to last forever – so here are seven ways to help heal it.

1 – Face it – don’t try to hide from it, or bargain with your emotions.  Facing up to what is happening to you now will be the quickest and healthiest way to get through a broken heart, along with the following ideas.

2 – Break the ties – keeping in contact with your ex-partner will seriously affect how you recover.  Try to have a little contact as you need to, and keep any conversations you need to have about money or children to the point – don’t use them as a way of opening up other areas.  Whatever you do certainly don’t keep track of them through their social media.

3 – Deal with anger – learn to let go of any anger you have about the previous relationship.  Keeping hold of it won’t make you better prepared for your next relationship.  In fact learning how to deal with your anger will make you a better and more attractive partner.

4 – Self care – a lot of films and television teach us that when you have a broken heart you stop looking after yourself.  It’s actually the time when you need to do the opposite – you need to eat healthily, look after your appearance, and keep where you live tidy.  If you don’t you’re just reconfirming all the bad things that you might be thinking about yourself.

5 – Exercise – exercise will take you out of any brooding over what has happened.  It will also improve your mood through prompting your brain to release endorphins.

6 – Embrace your freedom – take the opportunity to do the things that you didn’t or couldn’t do before.  Whether that’s watching particular types of films, or playing a sport, reconnect with the things that you enjoy.  Just make sure that the enjoyment is genuine, and doesn’t only come from somehow ‘getting back’ at your ex-partner.

7 – Rebuild yourself – when you have a broken heart your self-esteem can suffer badly.  Use your other relationships, and your other achievements, to remind yourself of your worth.  Use the ideas like self care, exercise, and your other interests to become more emotionally resilient.  That will not only help you to recover, it will be a great basis for the next stage in your life – and that stage will come.

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