Hangovers bring many things – dehydration, headaches and nausea but also feelings of anxiety and guilt.  This ‘hangxiety’ isn’t simply caused by what we can or can’t remember doing – it’s the way alcohol physically changes our brain.

Pheromones – our long-distance messengers

Pheromones have been called ‘the pack animals of desire’. They’re chemical messengers that use our sense of smell as a vital route of communication between everything from couples to pigs and truffles.

Smell and memory – our deepest link

Smell and memory are inextricably linked – but smell is actually our quickest route to old and forgotten memories.

Loss of smell – anosmia

Loss of smell as a sense (anosmia) might not seem like such a big deal. But for those affected the results can be devastating – depression, isolation, and even the breakdown of relationships.

The teenage brain explained

It’s common knowledge that teenagers’ behaviour and mood swings are down to hormones and puberty. It’s also wrong – in fact the teenage brain is much different than we understood even 10 years ago.

Ill or a teenager – should I be concerned?

One question I’m often asked by concerned parents is around their childrens’ behaviour. “They’re acting out of character and getting moody and angry – are they ill or a teenager behaving normally?”

Study drugs – a parent’s guide

Study drugs have moved far beyond the old standby of caffeine, through coffee or Pro-Plus. Increasing pressure around academic success and pharmaceutical advances, along with lax regulation, mean that even GCSE students are turning to study drugs.

Will a weighted blanket help me sleep?

You may have seen an advert for a weighted blanket, or seen a reference to one in a blog or forum. They’re supposed to help with sleep, and some people claim a lot more besides. But what is really going on? Do they work? And are they safe?

Fecal transplant – a miracle cure?

It is perhaps the logical response to the effect of your gut on your mental health – a fecal transplant from a healthy donor. If you’re squeamish about the idea of using other peoples’ poo then probably best to give this blog a miss.

The link between your gut and mood

It’s not just messages about hunger or discomfort that the gut brain sends to your brain. There’s a fundamental link to mental health – between the health of your gut and mood.