Your weekend lie-in – is it helping?

Most of us enjoy the thought of a lie-in at the weekends – jobs and children and animals allowing of course.  But do they actually help us?  Or could they be making things worse?

Sleep texting – what’s that about?

Sleep texting? Surely that’s got to be a made-up story? And if it isn’t what on earth is going on?

Sleep and obesity – why sleep loss stops weight loss

The link between sleep and obesity has already been recognised for some time. However, new research shows that it’s potentially much more complicated than was previously thought.

Will a weighted blanket help me sleep?

You may have seen an advert for a weighted blanket, or seen a reference to one in a blog or forum. They’re supposed to help with sleep, and some people claim a lot more besides. But what is really going on? Do they work? And are they safe?

Sleep paralysis – frightening at first

You’re drifting off to sleep when suddenly you find yourself unable to move and unable to speak. But what’s causing that mounting sense of dread? Is it the shadowy presence you can see in the room, or the weight pressing down on your chest?

Sleeping too much? A case study

It’s March, and towards the end of this month we’ll all put the clocks forward by an hour. A lot of people really miss that hour in bed, and most people feel they need more. For Phil* however things were very different – he wanted my help to stop sleeping as much.

Hypnagogic jerk – the feeling you’re falling

You’re drifting off to sleep when suddenly you’re jolted awake, by a feeling that you’re falling. That is a ‘hypnagogic jerk’, and they’re very common. For some people though they are frequent and intrusive. So what causes them and how can you stop them?

Exploding Head Syndrome

Exploding Head Syndrome is a rather fearsome but memorable title for the phenomenon of some people hearing loud bangs or crashes as they fall asleep.

Chronic sleep loss – the effects

There’s now another reason not to burn the candle at both ends – research is suggesting that chronic sleep loss may actually destroy healthy brain connections.

Can the didgeridoo help your sleep?

Would you like a quick blast of my didgeridoo?  That isn’t a euphemism, is it?