Christmas – sleeping

Christmas – sleeping

Christmas and the New Year period can badly disrupt your sleep pattern– late nights, drinking, lie-ins or early starts for long journeys can all play their part. So how can you make sure that your sleep doesn’t suffer?
One of the key things is to try and keep to the same routine as much as possible. When you can’t avoid later nights don’t be drawn into leisurely lie-ins – long-term they will just make your sleep worse. They will also start to reset your body clock, making the return to work or school that much more difficult.

Just as bad as lying-in is the temptation to press the snooze button when your alarm goes off. Falling back to sleep runs the risk of sending you back into deeper sleep, which is far more difficult and tiring to wake from.

The snooze button isn’t the only item of technology to stay away from. For two hours before bed avoid using tablets and smart phones that emit blue light, as this prompts your pineal gland to keep you alert and awake.

Good sleep hygiene and a good sleep routine are even more important for children. Sleep is crucial to their mental and physical development, with lack of sleep being linked to poor performance in school and increased childhood obesity.

There is of course one time when children find it hardest to fall asleep of course – and there is a separate blog on helping your children to fall asleep on Christmas Eve