This page has the answer to one of my most asked questions – “Why don’t you record some hypnotherapy sessions to download?”

Take the example of wanting to lose weight.  First of all what do you think of when you think about achieving that in the future?  Do you see yourself buying smaller sized, more fashionable clothes?  Do you imagine lying in the sun on holiday, enjoying the heat and how your body feels?  Or do you imagine having more energy to play with your children, and hear their excited shouting and laughter as you chase them round the garden?

As well as having different goals people have different ways of experiencing and imagining events.  Some are visual, and see things; some are kinaesthetic, and experience through physical sensation; and some are aural, and experience and imagine through sounds.

With only three potential goals and three ways of thinking we already have nine different combinations – and we’ve still to take account of whether your thinking tends toward the emotional or the rational.

I can’t know which of these (now eighteen) different possibilities are the right place to start a recording for someone until I’ve met and talked to them.  And that’s why I don’t do generic “one-size-fits-all” recordings, because I won’t ask people to invest time or money in something that isn’t going to be the best fit for them.