Drinking too much

You’ve only got to see the adverts to see how much drink has got caught up in the idea of Christmas.  But how can you make sure that you don’t drink too much and regret it?

One way can be to tackle the myth that you need to have a drink in the first place.  There have been numerous studies into the effects of alcohol, and just how much it’s in our mind.  People are unknowingly given alcohol free drinks and their reactions observed. 

Surely enough as they drink more they get more and more ‘drunk’ – but all without ever having touched a drop.  As well as the placebo effect it suggests that everything you need to be sociable or to enjoy yourself is already inside you.

If you’re still going to have a drink but only want to have one or two then a good tip is to visualise yourself doing that.  See yourself stopping and saying no to the third drink.  Better still share your plan with someone else who’s there that night – you’ll be much more likely to be successful than if you don’t.

A couple of easy ways to moderate your drinking are to keep away from the bar area or wherever the drinks are kept, and to put your drink down when you’re talking – you’ll naturally drink less.

Another tip is to drink water alongside, or in between, alcoholic drinks – that will also help keep you hydrated and minimise the effects the next morning.

And finally, if you’re going out to a party with the aim of not drinking the easiest way of making sure that there’ll be enough soft drinks is to take some yourself.

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