Eating too much

Eating too much is almost an intrinsic part of Christmas for some of us.  Big meals, buffets, snacks – there can be just so many opportunities to eat.  But how can we keep an eye on what we eat without losing the fun of Christmas?


If possible serve yourself in the kitchen rather than at the table.  That’s proven to result in nar=turrally smaller portion sizes.

If that’s not possible service yourself in the following order – protein, vegetables, and then carbohydrates.  That will naturally give you a more balanced, and less carbohydrate heavy meal, than the other way round. 

Have a couple of glasses of water before your meal.  They will help you feel fuller more quickly, and again naturally you will eat less.


Try keeping snacks out of your line of sight – if you can’t see them you’ll be much less likely to indulge in them.

Don’t snack in front of the TV – this will make you much more likely to overeat.  And it’s the same for listening to music – the faster the beat the more people snack.

Try and make eating a social activity instead – you’ll eat less.  And if that isn’t possible then eat with the ‘wrong’ hand – you’ll eat slower and feel naturally satisfied with less food.

Drink water while you’re eating – this doesn’t have to be instead of whatever else you’re drinking but can be alongside it.


If you’re at a buffet then it’s easy to combine these tips – hold the plate and pick up food with the ‘wrong’ hands to make you more aware of what you’re choosing, and choose protein first, then vegetables/salad and then carbohydrates.

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