“I feel so full – why am I eating so much?”

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat –

Not just the goose.  These trousers have gone very tight over the last week.

Have you been eating more than normal then?

Of course I have – it’s Christmas.  But it’s only been the occasional mince pie and Cadbury’s Hero.  And the odd Chocolate Orange here and there. 

Well, what might help –

And a few shortbread biscuits.  Oh, and those chocolate decorations for the tree.

Well, what might help is understanding what makes your snacking and grazing so compulsive.

Besides them being so more-ish?

Yes.  One cue to eat more is to have it in your line of sight.  So try moving it out of sight – into another room, and ideally in one cupboard that you don’t normally go in.

But we have to have the food out – it’s part of being a good host when people come round. 

If you want to leave the food out then when you’re on your own don’t snack in front of the TV.  If you do you’re much more likely to eat more than you want or even realise.  And if you’re listening to music then the faster the beat, the more you’ll eat.

And if people are round?

Then eat with your other hand – so if you’re right handed eat with your left hand.  You’ll be much more conscious of what you eat, and much less likely to eat without thinking.

That’s great for snacking, but what if we’re having a proper meal?

Well, if you know you’ll be eating then drink a couple of glasses of water, either soon before or when you get there.  That will help you feel much fuller before you even begin –

So I’ll eat less because I feel fuller?

That’s right.  And one last thing to try is texting or emailing yourself what you’ve eaten at the end of the meal.  People who regularly “journal” their food intake can lose twice as much weight as people who don’t.

Even the chocolate decorations for the tree?


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