How much does hypnotherapy cost?

If you’ve been living for years with a restricting phobia or unhealthy habit, hypnotherapy can be a great investment, and many people see a significant improvement or even a cure in only one session. As everyone reacts to treatment in their own time and in their own way, though, and as all my sessions are tailored to the individual, I can’t guarantee success in a single session. In addition to adhering to the National Council for Hypnotherapy’s code of conduct, though, I also offer my own guarantee.

  • If, after discussion, I don’t feel that hypnotherapy is the right form of therapy for you, I’ll tell you immediately and won’t offer any treatment.
  • All my sessions are tailored to you as an individual, and I’ll never offer treatment that you don’t need.
  • At every session, I’ll always explain what I’m doing and why it will help.
  • I’ll monitor your progress constantly, and tell you if you’ve reached a natural end to the treatment or if you’re not moving forward. We’ll then decide together whether it’s right for you to continue.
  • If at any point you’re not comfortable with a particular form of treatment or want to stop entirely, I’ll always listen to you and respect your decision.

I offer a free, thirty minute initial consultation with no obligation, so that we can discuss any initial concerns you may have and how I can help you.

General Fees

After your initial consultation, subsequent sessions last for a full hour and start at £85, with the cost reducing over a course of treatment.  The fact that they last a full hour means that we can make real progress during your sessions, and that you never have to worry about leaving a session feeling worse than when you started.

As well as getting the benefit of my complete focus and attention for the entire hour, this also includes a personalised CD or mp3 of your hypnotherapy session. This allows you to repeat the benefit of the session in the comfort of your own home, as many times as you wish, to reinforce the therapy.

Fees for smoking cessation

Smoking cessation is the only service for which I offer a package price. The session lasts for two hours, and the cost is £190 in total. I’ll also include a longer, personalised recording, which you can use as a support tool during your first week as a non-smoker, and ongoing support as you become a non-smoker.


If appointments are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice I will still charge the full appointment fee.  If you cancel and re-book the appointment for another date I’m normally happy to waive the cancellation fee.  I will apply it though where there’s a pattern of cancelled and re-booked appointments.

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