Hypnotherapy for anxiety

Hypnotherapy for anxiety

Anxiety can take many forms, and for some people, it’s simply part of their everyday coping mechanism. For others, though, anxiety can take over, leaving you unable to function. Stress and lack of self-confidence can mean that you feel permanently on edge, are easily upset and worry about things beyond your control. If any of these feelings sound familiar then hypnotherapy for anxiety may be something to think about.

Anxiety sufferers usually find hypnotherapy very helpful, and as it eases you into a calm, meditative state of mind you’ll often find almost instant relief during the first session. Anxiety hypnotherapy tackles the root causes of anxiety as well as reducing the physical symptoms, and as the sessions continue you’ll see a cumulative calming effect.

For some sufferers, the thought of hypnotherapy itself can be stressful. In these cases, I tailor my approach to the individual, and use a mixture of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and hypnotherapy to change the thought patterns that cause anxiety.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety – how I can help

I’ve successfully treated patients suffering from a range of different anxieties with various causes. During the sessions, you’ll learn anxiety reduction techniques that you can use when confronted with a potentially stressful situation, and you’ll gradually take back control of your life as the stress triggers lose their power.

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