Hypnotherapy for chocolate cravings

Hypnotherapy for chocolate cravings

I wasn’t the first hypnotherapist that Patsy* had seen. Desperate to lose weight she had seen someone for hypnotherapy for chocolate cravings, and been made to hate chocolate. Seemingly all was well, and Patsy wasn’t having any cravings, when she met her friend for a coffee.

Her friend had ordered a hot chocolate and Patsy found herself feeling horribly sick because of the smell. Then the person who had implanted the idea told her that they didn’t know how to reverse what they had done. Even more desperate to put things right Patsy came to see me.

Patsy was a rare example of this sort of suggestion actually working – but when they do, as she found out, they can have unwanted consequences. This is why I don’t use aversion hypnotherapy for chocolate cravings, and prefer to help people make positive choices and changes.

Firstly we did some simple work to quickly get Patsy over her dislike of chocolate and then we explored why she wanted to hate it in the first place. She explained that her sweet tooth let her down when she tried to diet, and that the better she was about her diet the worse her sweet tooth became.

Instead of making her hate chocolate I got Patsy to love making the right choice about what she ate. By linking it to feelings of success we made making the right choice even more enjoyable for her than chocolate.

Patsy is losing weight and, importantly, choosing and enjoying chocolate when she really wants to. The wider lesson is to be careful in choosing a hypnotherapist or method of hypnotherapy for chocolate cravings that won’t backfire..

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*Patsy’s real identity has been protected, and she is happy to share her story.