Hypnotherapy for eczema

Hypnotherapy for eczema

Alexandra* was at her wit’s end – she’d heard about the use of hypnotherapy for eczema, and her her eczema was getting worse, with the creams and drugs unable to stop it spreading. An outgoing fifteen year old Alex’s confidence and social life were disappearing as the eczema moved from her hands to her arms and face.

All the time we were talking I noticed Alex scratching at her skin, or picking at her hands and fingers. She told me that the first signs of her eczema coming were itching and heat that she could only stop by scratching or putting her hands in the freezer. Luckily for Alex hypnotherapy for eczema can be very beneficial in these areas.

In our first session I taught Alex to make her hands feel very cold at will, enabling her to put her hands on her face or arm and immediately make it feel cool and irritation free. At the second session Alex was able to control the irritation but found herself still picking her eczema on odd occasions. This was now an empty habit and I worked with her on making her aware of when she scratched and actively stopping herself before she started. Our final work was around coping with the stress that caused and prolonged the attacks, and learning to become both more in charge of and relaxed about her circumstances.

Through removing the irritation of her eczema, stopping her scratching, and reducing her stress, Alex’s eczema at last began to respond more positively to the creams and drugs prescribed by her doctors. As a result of using hypnotherapy for eczema relief the affected skin on her face and arms has cleared up and Alex’s hands are better than they have been for a long time.

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*Alex’s real identity has been protected, and she is happy to share her story.