Hypnotherapy for fear of flying

Hypnotherapy for fear of flyingFear of flying, or aerophobia, is both common and distressing. Such a phobia stops you from visiting your dream holiday destination, visiting friends or relatives living abroad and can even ruin your career prospects. This type of phobia responds well to hypnotherapy, and targeted treatment could soon have you spreading your wings again.

Hypnotherapy for fear of flying – how I can help

To treat your individual case, I’ll use hypnotherapy in a completely safe and supportive environment. My approach will differ according to the cause of your fear of flying – if your current fear is based on a specific incident in the past, then hypnotherapy can help you make rapid progress, sometimes in only a single session. If the cause of your fear is a more general anxiety, then the treatment will take a little longer – but you’ll carry the benefits of increased self-confidence forwards into your everyday life.

Don’t let your fear of flying ground you – with targeted hypnotherapy, you can learn to widen your horizons forever.

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