Hypnotherapy for habits

Hypnotherapy for habitsIn addition to the negative effects on your health,  habits such as nail biting, excess drinking, food cravings or smoking can have a very limiting effect on your lifestyle. The longer you’ve had your habit, the harder it can be to overcome, and you may have reached the stage where you feel nothing can help.

Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, though, has a great track record of helping people where other methods have failed. Unconscious reactions such as social blushing or nervous tics also respond very well to cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy. Using a range of different techniques, I can help you identify the learned reactions that trigger the problem, allowing you to break the chain.

Hypnotherapy for habits – how it works

The state of hypnosis is similar to that of meditation, and although your conscious mind will be very relaxed, you’ll remain in full control of your actions and emotions. The job of the hypnotherapist is to guide you through the process, and gradually encourage your subconscious mind to break the old behaviour patterns that supported your habit.
These techniques work so well that many patients only need a single session to break the habit of a lifetime.

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