Hypnotherapy for nail biting

Hypnotherapy for nail bitingNail biting is a nervous habit, and most people who bite their nails learnt to do so as children. Many sufferers become very self-conscious about their raw, bitten nails, but feel that a habit that’s so ingrained will be impossible to correct. There are many products on the market designed to address the problem, including a bitter-tasting solution to be painted on the nails, but these rarely work as they don’t address the root of the issue. Hypnotherapy for nail biting is very effective and it could help you break the habit.

Hypnotherapy for nail biting – how I can help

If you’d like to have strong, healthy-looking nails again, then hypnotherapy can help. As nail-biting is an empty habit – unlike eating, for example, it carries no ‘reward’ for the sufferer – it responses well to treatment with hypnotherapy. I’ll help you identify every step of the subconscious process, from the triggers that cause you to bite your nails to awareness of the physical sensation – and help you break the habit forever.


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