Hypnotherapy for pain relief

Hypnotherapy for pain reliefHypnosis is one of the oldest forms of pain relief known to man, and has been used for millennia to combat a range of problems. Pain relief hypnosis works by teaching you how to manage your own pain, and this varies from person to person.

Perhaps hypnosis will help you conjure up an imaginary dial, than you can use to ‘turn down’ your pain to comfortable levels. Back pain sufferers can be comforted by imagining a cool blanket spread across the painful areas, drawing out the heat and tension. People with arthritis can find pain relief by using a virtual warm bath to soothe aching joints.

Hypnotherapy for pain relief – how I can help

I’ve treated many patients successfully using these techniques, but as a qualified professional I can only work with pain that’s been medically diagnosed. Pain is often a warning sign, indicative of future problems, and shouldn’t be ignored, which is why we never remove the pain completely, but concentrate on reducing it to a level that’s both manageable and comfortable.

As part of your session, you’ll get an individually-tailored pain relief hypnosis CD, which you can use at home to reinforce relaxation techniques and manage ongoing pain. So don’t suffer in silence – targeted hypnosis can help you make pain a thing of the past.

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