Hypnotherapy for public speaking

Hypnotherapy for public speakingA phobia of public speaking is very common and can have a major impact on people’s lives.  Have you dreaded going to a wedding or party where you had to make a speech, or even turned down an invitation?  Or perhaps making presentations to colleagues is affecting your work, or even stopping you taking up an opportunity or new job?  If you are in this situation, hypnotherapy for public speaking could help.

Public speaking phobia, or glossophobia, is very common and can be very restrictive. Sufferers will go to any lengths to avoid situations such as giving speeches at social occasions or making presentations to colleagues. In some cases, you can even find public speaking phobia restricting your career or damaging your social life.

Hypnotherapy for public speaking – how I can help

Hypnotherapy has a high success rate in treating glossophobia. In a completely safe and controlled environment, I’ll help you explore the way that your phobia shows itself, and help you to control it. If your fear or phobia has been caused by a specific trigger, then you can see results very quickly – sometimes in as little as a single session. If the problem is due to a more general anxiety, then treatment will take a little longer, but you’ll take your new, increased self-confidence forward with you into other areas of your life.

With hypnotherapy, you’ll learn to see public speaking as an exciting opportunity rather than a distressing dilemma – and your life will change for the better.

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