Hypnotherapy for sleep issues and insomnia

Hypnotherapy for sleep issues and insomniaTo those who’ve never suffered from it, insomnia might not seem that big a problem. If you’re a sufferer,  though, you’ll know the horror of lying awake and miserable in the small hours of the morning, unable to switch off your racing mind and gain any relief. The following morning finds you exhausted, barely able to drag yourself through the day until it’s night time, and the cycle begins again. Lack of sleep can have a very debilitating effect on your life, and insomnia sufferers are often at their wits’ end.

Hypnotherapy can be very beneficial for insomnia sufferers, as it’s very calming and relaxing. Whether the underlying cause of your insomnia is stress, disturbed sleep patterns or a learned expectation that you won’t be able to sleep, this type of therapy can produce very quick results and there’s no need to take drugs or other medication.

Hypnotherapy for sleep issues – how I can help

When working with an insomnia sufferer, I’ll always tailor the treatment to the individual case, depending on the cause of the problem. Using this approach, I’ve treated many patients very successfully, and helped them to once again enjoy the benefits of a refreshing night’s sleep and subsequently return to a normal life.

In 2017 I was recognized with the Cheshire & North West SME Excellence Award for Alternative Insomnia Therapy.  The North West Enterprise Awards 2017 sought out the best firms and individuals in the region to celebrate their innovation, client care, and performance over the previous twelve months.

hypnotherapy insomnia award

My North West SME Excellence Award for Alternative Insomnia Therapy


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