Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation

Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation

If you’ve decided it’s time to get serious about stopping smoking, then hypnotherapy is the most successful form of therapy.

I see dozens of patients a year who have trouble breaking their addiction, and many of them come to me as a last resort, having already tried a range of methods such as nicotine patches and gum. Although many people do have success with these methods, they don’t work for everyone as they deal only with the physical effects of the nicotine, and not with the subconscious causes of smoking.

For many people, they’ve failed to give up smoking not because they’re addicted to the high of the drug, but because they believe they need the social support and calming routine that smoking seems to offer.

Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation – how I can help

Whether you’re limited to social smoking or smoke sixty a day, if you’re serious about smoking cessation I can use hypnotherapy to help you identify the reasons and triggers behind your smoking. Together, we can achieve success in only a single session lasting two hours. You’ll also get a support package, including a personalised hypnotherapy session recorded onto CD or mp3, a set of tailored top tips and ongoing help and advice to give you the best chance of success you’ve ever had.


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