Hypnotherapy for urge incontinence

Hypnotherapy for urge incontinence

The first thing that Marjorie* did when she arrived for her appointment was to ask if she could use the toilet. Once settled on the settee she told me more about the problem that had taken over her life – urge incontinence. Quite simply as soon as she felt the need to go to the toilet she simply had to go, and she was asking if hypnotherapy for urge incontinence could help her.

The first thing I did was to double check with Marjorie that she had seen her GP about this. Urge incontinence can be a sign that something more is wrong and I needed to be sure that this had been ruled out. It had and her doctor had referred her to the continence clinic. Faced with a wait she had come to see me for help.

The first thing that we did was to look at some of the practical steps that Marjorie could take. She agreed to cut out caffeine, because it can irritate the bladder, and also, after some persuasion, to have at least seven to eight drinks a day. Marjorie had thought drinking as little as possible would help, when in fact it was making her bladder more irritated again.

We then looked at retraining the way that she thought – not going to the toilet “just in case” or rushing as soon as she felt the need. Instead we looked at Marjorie delaying going when the urge struck, and then gradually increasing this every day. Under hypnosis we rehearsed this, in a way that felt safe for Marjorie, and then took her forward in time to a point where she had successfully extended the time that she could go without visiting the toilet.

We spent a lot of time in hypnosis letting Marjorie really experience successfully using the simple technique every day, and successfully extending the time as well. This helped her to believe in her ability to actually take control of the problem that had dominated her life.

If you have a similar problem that’s causing you anxiety there’s no need to be embarrassed, and you can speak to me with no obligation. However do talk to your doctor first to rule out any other problems.

Marjorie’s real identity has been protected, and she is happy to share her story about using hypnotherapy for urge incontinence to help her regain her bladder control.