Hypnotherapy for worrying

Hypnotherapy for worrying

Katherine* told me that she had “always been a worrier, cheapest ever since a little girl” but lately it was unbearable, and she had realised how much it was affecting her life. Her son had moved away to a new job, and she worried about him being in a new city on his own, and about falling over now that he was no longer around. She even worried that her worrying was affecting her son, and had asked if hypnotherapy for worrying would help her.

Deep down Katherine knew that her worries had no real basis. Her son was enjoying his job and making friends, and she had never actually fallen and needed her son’s help. What she had done though was to let her worrying and her imagination take over. In this way she had not only imagined worse and worse things, but also been upset by them. No wonder she was “worn-out with worrying”.

Katherine was very surprised then when I her that as part of her hypnotherapy for worrying I wanted her to continue worrying, but with some new rules in place. She was only allowed to worry twice a day, for forty minutes each time, and if worries came to her outside of those times she wasn’t to think about them until her next forty minutes. She also had to write her worries down, put them away in a bag or box, and not look at them again. Finally I taught her how to worry in a more productive way, by asking herself the same four questions every time.

Katherine was sceptical, and some of her first worries were about whether it would work and whether she was worrying properly. Soon though she noticed that she was worried that she couldn’t fill the forty minutes and realised that not only had her worrying reduced, but that she was less anxious about things outside of the sessions. She now describes her life as ”having turned a corner” and tells all of her friends that if she can change after fifty years of being a worrier “then anyone can”!

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*Katherine’s real identity has been protected, and she is happy to share her story of hypnotherapy for worrying.