Hypnotherapy on Skype

Hypnotherapy on Skype

One area where technology has changed hypnotherapy is the availability of hypnotherapy on Skype. But most people wonder whether it’s safe, and whether it’s as effective.

I regularly see people over Skype, and when I mention that to people they often have the same few questions. I thought I’d use this blog to answer some of the most frequently asked.

Is hypnotherapy on Skype safe?

The short answer is “Yes”. The longer answer is “Yes, it can be just as safe as hypnotherapy carried out face to face in the same room provided you remember five points to look out for.” (see below)

Is hypnotherapy on Skype as effective?

I’ve had the same successes helping people with the same issues on Skype, as well as in person. For some people it’s actually more effective, because they are in their own environment and can relax more easily.

What happens if you can’t bring me out of a hypnotherapy trance on Skype?

There’s no reason why using Skype would make it any more difficult to bring you out of a trance. I’ve never been unable to do so, and working over Skype won’t change that. If the worry about that is so great then we could just conduct the face to face conversation over Skype and I could produce your own hypnotherapy recording afterwards.

What happen if the internet connection is lost during hypnotherapy on Skype?

That’s something that could happen, but all that’s needed is to plan ahead. For instance you can set an alarm for the end of your session. Alternatively, I can give you a hypnotic suggestion that if the connection drops out you’ll naturally return to being fully aware and awake. And once again if the worry is so great then we can just have the conversation and I can make your recording for you afterwards.

What should I look out for if I want to have hypnotherapy on Skype?

  1. Just as with hypnotherapy ‘in person’ check that the hypnotherapist is qualified, registered, and insured.
  2. Make sure that they apply the same standards (checking that hypnotherapy is suitable for you; obtaining your informed consent; keeping appropriate records) as they would for ‘in person work’.
  3. Check that you have rapport with the hypnotherapist. If you don’t, whether because of the technology or their personality, then my advice would be to think again.
  4. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection and somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed during the session.
  5. Make sure that you both understand the arrangements if the connection is lost, and that you have a back-up phone number you can be contacted on.

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