My hypnotherapy testimonials

“I had previously tried to give up smoking several times without complete success.  I had managed to move off of cigarettes to vaping; from vaping to a nicotine spray; and from the nicotine spray to nicotine lozenges.  I was only ever replacing one habit with another, and a friend recommended that I saw John.  After one session 6 months ago I haven’t used any nicotine replacements, or gone back to smoking, since and I’ve broken the habit at last.  It’s fantastic and I’d highly recommend John to anybody who needs that extra bit of help to give up smoking.“
R, Smoking cessation


“Really pleased with myself, and extremely grateful to you John. Really enjoying being free from it [smoking] and also not carrying the guilt .
M, Smoking cessation


“Hi John – OMG really enjoyed the interview. Listened to your recording just before just before I went in and felt a little flutter of nerves then took a breath ad just went for it. I cannot thankyou enough for all your help.
A, Interview nerves


“Been feeling much better since our session and haven’t cried since. Things have calmed down, and your techniques have definitely helped me.
J, Emotional Resilience


“Hi John, I hope you remember me, I came to see you last year. Just wanted to get in touch to let you know I’ve been promoted to a board position in the last few weeks. I couldn’t have done it without your help after my crisis of confidence last year so thankyou once again.
M, Workplace confidence


“It’s going great, feeling really positive. Thought about smoking quite a few times yesterday but quickly thought I’m a non-smoker and found it fairly easy. Listened to the recording last night and hardly thought of it today. Making sure to avoid ‘danger’ situations where I might feel tempted. Taking different routes to work, eating different meals etc to mix it all up. All in all very good! Thankyou for your help.
T, Smoking cessation


“Well John, it’s been 4 months and 14 days since I had my session with you. In that time, I have not smoked 2,692 cigarettes, have gained 26 days of my life and saved £471 so far…… not a bad return on £190! Yes, I still have the quit smoking app on my phone, but unlike other times when I’ve taken a ‘break’ from smoking under the guise of giving up, this time I have kicked it.

I knew this time was different as it was almost effortless; people keep saying well done, however I’ve not had to make too much effort and I really can’t take all the credit for giving up. I have tried to smoke a couple of times after a few drinks and it’s just an alien concept now…….you have actually re-programmed me!

A very big thank you John for everything that you’ve done and I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone who is seriously looking at giving up smoking for good. “

C, Smoking cessation


“I thought I’d give it a few weeks before coming back to you with a progress report following my IBS session. Firstly, thank you so much – I felt fantastic after it and that feeling has persisted, I played the recording for two weeks, usually just before going to sleep and I have to say I slept really well.

I haven’t had any IBS symptoms whatsoever for the last six weeks. I’ve also started back at the gym and am swimming too so I’m doing my best to stay healthy.  One of the enormous benefits of the treatment has been a sea change in my approach to life. I feel much more optimistic, happy and resilient – and definitely more calm and peaceful. I love this new me and can’t tell you how grateful I am to you.

You’ve fixed me once again John. Thank you so much”



“I’ve not had a cigarette or the urge for one since the therapy.  I didn’t feel any withdrawal symptoms either.  I’m looking forward to going out tonight for food and drinks and not smoking!  This is weird but great!  Thanks for all you help!
W, Smoking cessation


“I’ve known John for a few years and never thought I’d need hypnotherapy to overcome a problem.  I’ve always been afraid of heights, a problem that I’ve managed to not let rule my life.  However I’d noticed that when it came to crossing bridges I was becoming agitated.   This got to the stage where I would have to be in the middle lane so I could not see over the edge.

So I spoke to John and he said that he would try to help with the problem.  After an initial consultation we agreed that hypnosis would be the way forward.  Afterwards I felt more relaxed, and John sent me an mp3 to listen to.

The outcome of using John’s services has been a change in my attitude to heights.  I can cross bridges, look over the edge of a balcony, and look down from a height without feeling vertigo.

I would recommend him without hesitation, as he has in short changed my life

D, Fear of heights


“I recently went to see John about a recurring issue of struggling to get to sleep.  John spent a lot of time to find out the reasons why I found it difficult to relax.  His professional approach gave me full confidence in his skills and techniques to help me fully recognise and overcome my issue.  Being a very out-going and quite “hyper” person, I found John’s ability to get me to totally relax and feel comfortable sharing my experiences invaluable!  I would not hesitate to recommend John, as he takes an honest look and evaluation BEFORE taking on any treatments.
C, Sleep


“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the recent work you did with me on mindfulness. During an exceptionally busy period in both my personal and professional life when my brain felt full to capacity, you helped me to clear away the unimportant things and focus on what needed to be done.

Many thanks for the recordings which you made for me, I now listen to them whenever I start to feel overwhelmed.”

S, Mindfulness



“We recently had a worrying issue with one of our franchisees who were a victim of their own success. Their background meant that they were unable or unwilling to ask for help and support, and because of volume pressures, completely painted themselves into a corner. Over several conversations I persuaded them that speaking to John would be a positive move.

In just one session we have a much brighter, confident and happier franchisee who wishes to continue their appointments with John.

Thankyou John for once again helping one of our number cope with the burden a volume business brings. A great resource, I do not hesitate in promoting both yourself and the vital skills you offer.”

L, Corporate client



“I was introduced to John earlier this year by a close friend who assured me that he could help me to finally give up smoking. I have been a smoker for almost twenty years and have attempted, but ultimately failed to give up, countless times.

I had a two hour session with John almost five months ago and have not had one cigarette since. Amazingly I have not even had the urge or temptation and I am 100% certain that I will never smoke again.

For the small initial outlay I have already saved over £1000 which I would otherwise have spent on cigarettes.

The session has also given me a more positive outlook and increased energy levels which were unexpected benefits. I would highly recommend John to anybody who wants to give up smoking for good, and I can honestly say it is the best money I have ever spent!”

A, Smoking cessation



“I went to see John as, for no reason in particular, I had not been sleeping well for several weeks and this was taking its toll on all aspects of my life. I was rather nervous about approaching John, not having been to see a clinical hypnotherapist before, but I need not have worried as he immediately put me at ease. John asked questions about why I might not be sleeping, gave me tips on how to get to sleep- and stay asleep- effectively, and how I could help myself to get out of the vicious circle I seemed to be in. He also provided me with a ‘sleep recording’, a technique to help me sleep when I need to, and to get to sleep again if I wake up.

I am now sleeping much better, and also feel I have the ability to make myself sleep when I need to. This is entirely down to John’s expertise and help and so I would highly recommend a consultation with him for anyone who needs to sleep but can’t.”

L, Insomnia



“Anyone who has tried to stop smoking can appreciate how hard it is, so I felt compelled to write this testimonial for John, having recently used his hypnotherapy service to stop smoking and it’s worked!

John is professional, friendly and took the time to understand why I smoked, what my incentive to stop smoking was and other concerns I had.   John’s customer service also extended to follow up telephone calls to make sure I was alright and on track and a recording of the session should I wish to refer to it in the future.

I would have no hesitation in recommending John.”

N, Smoking cessation



“You came highly recommended, and through a combination of incisive yet un-intrusive questions (interspersed with an incredible sense of humour) you quickly determined the best way forward for me to go.  You were able to put me completely at ease and helped me to cut through the unnecessary chatter that my nerves were creating.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to the most ardent of sceptics and I wish you all the very best as your business continues.  Thank you so much for helping to reveal the belief I needed.”

K, Interview nerves



“I approached John several months ago to discuss my anxiety around public speaking.  Last Tuesday I presented a workshop to local businesses and it went amazingly well.  I was calm and focused, and confident in what I was doing and saying.  I cannot thank John enough for the work he has done with me on this, and I have already had enquiries off the back of the workshop.  That would not have happened but for John’s help.

I cannot recommend John McKenzie and the services he offers highly enough.”

I, Fear of public speaking



“From the moment John got to his feet until the moment he sat down he had what can be challenging people eating out of his hand – it was a masterly display.

We cannot thank John enough for his time, effort and dedication and we will not hesitate in using his excellent skills again.”

E, Corporate speaking engagement



“Working with John for only a short time enabled me to refocus on what it was I wanted to achieve in both my business and personal life, and ultimately to set me on the correct path to achieving these goals without the shackles of self-doubt weighing me down and causing me to question my objectives.

I would have no hesitation in recommending John to anyone who is looking to make changes in their mind-set that perhaps they have been wrestling with, but did not know how to go about it.”

L, Unwanted thoughts and habits



“I was so embarrassed by my phobia but you never made me feel silly or different. I’m so glad that I came to see you as at long last I can have parties for my children and take them to their friends and not panic. Thank you so much for all your help.”
K, Coulrophobia (fear of clowns)



“A friend had told me about John helping them to stop smoking and at first I was sceptical about what he did. The first time I spoke to him on the phone though he put my mind at rest, as the questions he asked me made it obvious that he knew what he was doing and wanted to know why I wanted to quit. I was nervous about the hypnosis but he really took time to reassure me and in the end I really enjoyed it. I haven’t smoked for three months now, and can’t imagine starting again.”
A, Smoking cessation



“Mum has asked me to email you and say how much she enjoyed her hypnotherapy session. She hasn’t felt so relaxed in years, and she’s already learning to control and get rid of her anxiety. She’s also said that she hasn’t laughed so much in a long time. A big thank you from me as well for helping mum.”
G, Anxiety



“Seeing John through Skype worked better than I ever thought it could – he didn’t hypnotise me on Skype but recorded it for me straightaway afterwards and then sent it to me – it worked really well and after a couple of sessions my insomnia is much better and I’m sleeping for longer.”
S, Insomnia



“I’d heard about mindfulness and was interested in learning more so went to see John. He taught me how to be more “in the moment” and not so concerned with the past or the future, without losing the bigger picture. The exercises that he gave me to do really helped, and I’m much calmer and less stressed.”
N, Mindfulness



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