“I’m so tired – my sleep is all over the place”

I am so tired – I’m dead on my feet here.

Not sleeping well?

How on earth does anybody sleep well at this time of year?  Next time I’m really going to bank some sleep before the holiday season.

That doesn’t actually work.  You can’t bank sleep –

What about learning to get by with less? Like Mrs Thatcher?

Whether it’s banking sleep so you don’t need to later, or learning to live with just half your sleep, it doesn’t work.   In fact if you replace the word “sleep” with the word “breathing” you’ll see how impractical it is.

So what can I do now to try and get my sleep back?  How about a nightcap?

Nightcap as in headwear perhaps – if you’re too cold you won’t sleep.  But nightcap as in drink then no.  Relying on a drink to help you sleep is a bad idea.

But I’m out like a light after a couple

It doesn’t really help you sleep properly – in fact it suppresses part of your sleep cycle.  That’s why you wake up from a drink without feeling rested or refreshed. It’ll just be making you more tired.

Anything else I shouldn’t be doing?

Reading or watching things on your phone or your tablet for at least two hours before you go to bed – the blue light from them tells your brain that it needs to stay awake.

No Facebook updates is hard enough – but no reading and no Kindle?

Actually if your Kindle has a white or monochrome screen then you’ll be okay.  As a rule of thumb if you don’t need a light on to read it then it will be emitting blue light.  So turn on the “blue light filter” on the display settings, or turn it off completely.

Is that it?

As far as possible try to keep regular hours.  Yes there’ll be late nights, but otherwise try to go to bed and get up at the same times each day.

But what about my lie-ins?

You might not thank me at the time, but you will do when it’s back to work and school time.


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