Musophobia - fear of mice

Musophobia – fear of mice

Six foot two and a rugby player Ken* was the most embarrassed client I have ever seen. He was an electrician with a phobia that it took him months to pluck up the courage to come and see me about. Ken had a fear of mice, and it was getting worse. (For those who like their technical jargon – it’s musophobia).

He was beginning to dread working in attics or taking up floorboards, and had turned down electrical work on a farm in case he came across mice. What was worse was that he was feeling not just afraid, but stupid, and even less of a man, for feeling afraid. All because of his musophobia.

Ken worried that not being able to remember what had caused his phobia meant that it was too deep rooted to deal with. I reassured him that the fact that he knew that his phobia was unfounded, that it was affecting his work and life, and that he wanted to deal with it all meant that he had every chance of success. I also assured Ken that I never expose people to the object of their phobia, whether it’s mice, needles, or heights.

Musophobia – how hypnotherapy can help

Using hypnotherapy I helped Ken to learn to relax and control the panicky feelings that came over him, to the point where he practised being in situations where he saw a mouse, and again stayed in control of his feelings and the situation.

Ken is now much better at coping with his fear, and it doesn’t affect his work in the way that it did. Every day he practises what I taught him, and his fear gets that little bit smaller again.

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Ken’s real identity has been protected, and he is happy to share his story of overcoming his musophobia.