Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

As a clinical hypnotherapist a lot of people come to see me about hypnotherapy for weight loss. What they ask me is to plant a “willpower” chip in their brain, which I can’t, or to make them hate a particular food, which I won’t.

“How then”, they ask me, “can you help me to lose weight? I don’t think anything else will work for me.” Much as we all like to feel that our problems are very individual there is in fact one very common theme amongst people who come to me asking for hypnotherapy for weight loss – they have to relearn their relationship with food.

This is why people have so much disappointment after initial success on diets. Although they may have lost weight they haven’t lost their old habits or relationship with food, and this pulls them back into overeating. People will continue to eat when they aren’t hungry, but will have food out of habit, out of boredom, or because they are feeling stressed or upset.

We all know the feeling of giving into temptation, only to feel that we have let ourselves down afterwards. The key in hypnotherapy for weight loss is to take a feeling of achievement greater than the immediate pleasure of the food, and put that at the front of peoples’ mind when they make the right choices. For instance I might get someone to feel that each time they pushed away a plate of biscuits or chocolate bar that they felt themselves pushing away unwanted weight.

In this way people find willpower that they never realised they had. And they don’t need to have to hate any food – they can still enjoy it, and enjoy being in control of their relationship with food again. It can be that easy.

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