Social media - is it making you unhappy?

Social media – is it making you unhappy?

Do you use social media?

Yes, I do –

Then did you see the last tweet I did for my Facebook post about Instagram accounts?

I think I must have missed that one.


I thought there must be a reason you hadn’t liked it yet. 

Do you do a lot of social media?

A bit – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Well they have found that too much social media –

Pinterest, Vine, Periscope – I dabble

Yes.  Well a large study in Italy has linked increasing time spent on social media with increasing levels of personal unhappiness, and increasing distrust in others.

But I’m not on the Italian Facebook, or whatever they call it over there.

They call it Facebook too, and it doesn’t matter where you are.  Too much time, or too much attention to what’s on there, can make you low and anxious.

That was the point of my Facebook post about Instagram accounts.  The people on them always look so smug.

That’s the first step in making sure that social media doesn’t affect your mood.  Remember that people tend to post only positive experiences, or things that show them in a good light.  And you can do that by concentrating on people you’re close in the real world.  This will help you have a more balanced view of what they post.

So a stream for #ITRW – what else can I do?

Don’t just scroll through their posts.  Engage with them, and start and join in with discussions.  That will improve your mood.

Pay special interest to real world friends, and interact with people?  Do you remember that you’re talking about social media?

I still am.  Social media is great, but doubling your friends or followers or likes will have little long-term effect on your mood.  Doubling your real life friends however will massively boost your mood and mental health.

It all seems very sensible.


You could tweet it as a listicle – “Three steps for Facebook happiness”.

Thankyou for clearly listening so well.


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