Hypnotherapy for guilt trips – case study

It was a November when Noel* came to see me. “It’s the same every year” he told me, “as soon as bonfire night’s over I start to dread Christmas. And the nearer it gets the worse I feel. I look forward to the first week in January when I can get back to work, and things go back to normal.”

“Why do I have to be a people pleaser?”

How’s your Christmas been? Absolutely manic.  We went round to my mum’s, her mum’s and her dad’s on Boxing Day – spent most of it in the car.

“Why can’t I learn to say no?”

You look fed up – what’s happened? Trevor and Judith – they’ve invited me to the party at their house. 

Rowing in relationships

Rowing in relationships Rowing and arguments in relationships can be mistaken for passion. In fact some people believe that couples that don’t row have something missing. If you’re in an argumentative relationship though, what can you do?

Christmas – stress

Christmas and New Year can be a stressful time. That stress can come from money worries, relationship issues, family problems, or the weight of peoples’ expectations. Stress by its very nature makes it hard to gather your thoughts and see things clearly – so how can you achieve this over Christmas and New Year?

Christmas – how to say No

One reason that so many people don’t get to enjoy the Christmas that they want to is because they find themselves saying “yes” when they want to say “no”. But why do people do that?

Christmas – saying no about parties

Two particular areas where people struggle with saying “no” at Christmas are around parties – agreeing to go to ones they don’t want to, and staying at ones that they want to leave.

Christmas – families

Families can be difficult at the best of times, and close proximity for extended periods of time, along with raised expectations, can make for a very volatile atmosphere. So how can we improve our chances of keeping things peaceful over Christmas?

Christmas – assertiveness

Saying yes to people when we want to say no. Letting our frustration get the better of us when dealing with a difficult relative. Assertiveness is a skill that we all need at Christmas – but what are the ways that you can we learn to behave more assertively?

Christmas – arguments

January is known as the “Divorce Month” with good reason, as the first Monday back after the holidays always sees a spike in divorce applications. So how can you stop any marital arguments from getting out of control – especially during the busy and stressful days of Christmas and New Year?