Hypnotherapy for Impostor Syndrome – a case study

“I don’t even think that I should be here if I’m honest” Barry* told me.  “My wife said that I should see you about my thoughts, but to be honest I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them.” 

The yips – a case study

It’s not often that people ask me about something I’ve never heard of before -whether that’s sympathetic pregnancy in men, or people waking up with foreign accents. But although I’d heard before of what was affecting Adam* I’d never heard of it affecting someone the way it was him.

Hypnotherapy for itching – a case study

The two people I’m talking about this month both came to me for hypnotherapy for itching – but that’s about all they did have in common.

Hypnotherapy for kleptomania – case study

It’s January and the sales are in full swing. You might even have found yourself walking out of a shop with something you didn’t really want but felt you couldn’t resist. Dan* would find himself in that position too, but it wasn’t because of New Year sales. It was because of kleptomania, and it was happening all year round.

Hypnotherapy for guilt trips – case study

It was a November when Noel* came to see me. “It’s the same every year” he told me, “as soon as bonfire night’s over I start to dread Christmas. And the nearer it gets the worse I feel. I look forward to the first week in January when I can get back to work, and things go back to normal.”

Hypnotherapy for misophonia – a case study

It was Hugh’s* wife who suggested he come to see me about hypnotherapy for misophonia – an extreme reaction to sounds. When he rang me he asked if it would be alright if she came with him. As long as people are happy to talk in front of someone else I don’t mind at all if they’re accompanied. If it helps them to relax then it can only be useful.

A question of memory

Every month for the last five years I’ve written about an issue that I’ve helped people with. That might be to helping them to stop doing something, like smoking. Or it might be to help them start to do something that they were previously afraid of, like flying. This month though I thought I’d write about one of the requests I’ve had to refuse, about someone’s memory.