When childrens’ friendships end

Childhood friendships can be volatile, and it can be difficult to see them come to an end, especially if you think your child has been hard done to.  So, what can you do if your child has been “dumped” by a friend?

How can I tell if my child is watching porn?

I wrote a previous blog about the effects of porn on young children and teenagers.  Following that I’ve been asked to write about how to tell if your child is watching porn – and what to say to them if you find out they are.

Pornography and children

The UK’s long promised age-verification for on-line pornography, due in July 2019, has been indefinitely delayed.  So, does that mean that you can relax about your children accessing porn because there’s nothing really to worry about?

Childhood gambling

News that the NHS is opening a National Problem Gambling Clinic for children and young people aged 13 to 25 has brought childhood gambling into focus.  But why do children start gambling, and what signs should you be on the look-out for?

Childhood fears – 6 tips for talking to children

Being left alone: the dark; dogs; clowns; injections; school; and, of course, the monster under the bed.  Perhaps you recognise your own childhood fears in there.  But how can you talk to your children about theirs?

4 tips for childrens’ screen time

Screen time for children is an increasing public health issue, with potential links to increased obesity, sleep problems, and effects on social and learning skills. To help parents the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) has published their first ever guidelines .