Why are you so tired?

I’ve written before about feeling “tired all the time” and how it can be related to too busy lifestyles.  But what else might be driving your tiredness, especially if you’re the one in every five of us who is feeling wiped out today.

5 ways to tackle stress at work

Stress at work is unavoidable – in fact some stress is necessary to prompt us to perform at our best. But when we’re stressed because we feel our work demands more from us than we can have to give then workplace stress becomes a real problem.

Self esteem – a case study

Chloe* came to see me because she had persistently low self-esteem. Home from university she had been persuaded to see me by her mother, who was worried about the change in her daughter’s mood.

9 ways to reduce exam stress

Whether you’re taking exams, or living with someone who is, you’ll be aware how stressful they can be. What follows is a brief guide to exam stress – how to spot it, how to minimise it, and how to cope with it.

Fool your brain into eating less

“Fool your brain into eating less” might seem an impossible claim – surely if we know we’re being tricked it won’t work? However, we can’t help but be fooled, even when we know, and that’s why the following tips to feel fuller quicker work so well.

Secondary gains – the tip of the iceberg

Weight loss is an area that takes up a lot of peoples’ energy and attention, especially in the New Year. People join clubs and classes, or sign up to diets and meal replacement plans.

Stop the diet and start losing weight

If New Year has inspired you to go on a diet you might be interested in knowing your chances of still being at your target weight two years later. The bad news is that only one in twenty people will keep the weight off – and out of the nineteen who don’t five will actually put weight on.

Practical steps to healthier eating

This guest blog on getting your diet into a healthier shape after Christmas is written by nutritional therapist Celia Cooper.

Restrictive eating – a case study

Christmas is coming and that includes the traditional Christmas dinner – a turkey, roast potatoes, sausages wrapped in bacon, brussel sprouts, and more besides.  For Kevin* though Christmas dinner was chicken nuggets and oven chips.  But then every dinner was chicken nuggets and oven chips for Kevin, because he was in the grip of restrictive eating.

A matter of taste

We’re all aware of the four tastes – sweet, salty, bitter and sour – and many of us are also aware of the fifth, umami. But how many tastes are there, and how can understanding them help you to be healthier?