Parcopresis – a case study

Marcus* was quite evasive on the phone when he rang me, but also wanted to know whether I’d ever treated his condition before, and so told me he had parcopresis. He was surprised when I knew that parcopresis is the medical term for ‘shy bowel’ and he arranged to come and see me.

Fecal transplant – a miracle cure?

It is perhaps the logical response to the effect of your gut on your mental health – a fecal transplant from a healthy donor. If you’re squeamish about the idea of using other peoples’ poo then probably best to give this blog a miss.

The link between your gut and mood

It’s not just messages about hunger or discomfort that the gut brain sends to your brain. There’s a fundamental link to mental health – between the health of your gut and mood.

Your second brain – the gut brain

We’re all familiar with our brain, and the idea of it being the control centre for our body. However, we’ve all got a second brain too – our gut brain.

A matter of taste

We’re all aware of the four tastes – sweet, salty, bitter and sour – and many of us are also aware of the fifth, umami. But how many tastes are there, and how can understanding them help you to be healthier?

Stream of consciousness – hypnotherapy for IBS

I see a lot of people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) as learning to relax and reduce stress and anxiety levels is a large part of managing the condition.  When Frances* came to see me she told me that she had managed to reduce the stress in her life, and so she couldn’t work out why her IBS was so bad.