Your second brain – the gut brain

We’re all familiar with our brain, and the idea of it being the control centre for our body. However, we’ve all got a second brain too – our gut brain.

Plain packs and health warnings

Plain packs, prominent health warnings, and now even a colour called opaque couche – but why don’t all of these anti-smoking measures make more people stop?

Is vaping safe ?

The latest figures show that there are 2.3 million e-cigarette users in the UK. But one question that won’t seem to go away is “Is vaping safe?”. That doesn’t just depend on who you ask – it depends on what you mean by safe as well.

Secondary gains – the tip of the iceberg

Weight loss is an area that takes up a lot of peoples’ energy and attention, especially in the New Year. People join clubs and classes, or sign up to diets and meal replacement plans.

Practical steps to healthier eating

This guest blog on getting your diet into a healthier shape after Christmas is written by nutritional therapist Celia Cooper.

Is your fitness tracker making you fatter?

What do you think of this then?  My latest fitness tracker. Yes, very er … matt black. Cutting edge you know.  Synchronises with my phone and my iPad, counts all my activity – steps, running, sleep, the lot.  Amazing bit of kit, I wouldn’t be without it.

Shy bladder and hypnotherapy

Shy bladder and hypnotherapy Shy bladder, also called paruresis, is something that affects 4 million people in the UK, men and women alike. Mostly it’s minor inconvenience but for people like Darren* it can become something much worse. Anxiety about other people being present when he was urinating had increasingly affected his work and his social life.

Smoking reduction

Smoking reduction Graham* was in a very familiar situation when he rang me. A thirty-a-day smoker he’d been told to stop by his doctor, his wife, his children, and his grandchildren. The problem was Graham didn’t want to stop – but he did want to cut down.

Coping with setbacks

Setbacks and problems come to all of us no matter how well prepared we try to be. But how is it that some people seem to shrug them off, and others seem to go downhill? And how can you learn to be more resilient?

Teenagers and sleep

Teenagers and sleep aren’t always natural bedfellows. The reason that stereotypes persist about teenagers staying up until the small hours playing Call Of Duty or using their phones is because there’s an element of truth in them. But what are the effects of poor sleep on teenagers?