Orthosomnia – the new sleep problem

I’ve written before about orthorexia, where the wish to eat healthily actually shades into an eating disorder.  Well now I’m writing about orthosomnia – where trying for a good night’s sleep actually becomes a problem.

Can the didgeridoo help your sleep?

Would you like a quick blast of my didgeridoo?  That isn’t a euphemism, is it?

Teenagers and sleep

Teenagers and sleep aren’t always natural bedfellows. The reason that stereotypes persist about teenagers staying up until the small hours playing Call Of Duty or using their phones is because there’s an element of truth in them. But what are the effects of poor sleep on teenagers?

The strange thrill of ASMR

If you get a strange but soothing feeling of enjoyment watching QVC, or listening to people whisper, you’re not as alone as you may have worried.  It’s so widespread that there’s even a term for it now – Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR.  For some it’s felt as a tingle on their scalp, for others a frisson across their neck and shoulders.

What is CBT ?

CBT, or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, is a talking therapy. Whilst CBT cannot remove your problems it can help you to manage them in a much more positive way.

The 478 sleep technique

Eddie* came to see me about a very common problem – insomnia.  What he didn’t expect was how easy and simple it was to get his sleep back -simply by counting for four, seven, and eight while breathing in and out.

Practical help for problems sleeping

For many of us seeing that it’s three o’clock in the morning on a bedside clock is a welcome message that we have another three or four hours of sleep to look forward to.  But for those with problems sleeping it’s just another reminder of how little they have slept, and how little time they have left.

Staying up, sleeplessness and siestas – hypnotherapy for insomnia

The recent hot weather has seen a lot of us having trouble sleeping but for Tony* the problem was year round. He had trouble getting to sleep and often didn’t fall asleep until an hour or two before his alarm went off. He was tired all the time, his work as a self-employed designer had suffered and he found himself having naps in the afternoon when tiredness overtook him. He’d asked me to see him about hypnotherapy for insomnia.

Why are you so tired all the time?

The problem of tiredness, and not enough good quality sleep, is one that affects around 85% of us. We like to think that it’s about today’s increased pace of life, but in fact it’s been with us (and regarded as a “modern” problem) since at least 1894, and the amount we sleep hasn’t really changed since the 1960’s. So why are so many people so tired all the time?