The Mandela effect

Back in February 1990 the world looked on amazed as Nelson Mandela walked to freedom out of Victor Verster Prison.  However, a sizeable number of people were profoundly shocked, as they distinctly remembered him dying in prison years before.  This false memory was so compelling it’s led to an idea called the Mandela effect.

Short term memory – a case study

Jane* was terrified when she came to see me. Not of me personally you understand, but of what she was convinced was wrong with her.

Loss of smell – anosmia

Loss of smell as a sense (anosmia) might not seem like such a big deal. But for those affected the results can be devastating – depression, isolation, and even the breakdown of relationships.

Study habits – 6 essential tips

Good study habits are essential if you’re to make the most of study and revision time. The most important thing is to be consistent in your study habits – you’ll get much more from one and a half hours a night than you will from seven and a half hours on the Saturday.

Ditch the to do lists – 7 reasons why

To do lists are very common.  Three out of five of us keep to do lists, even if we hate them, and many end up thinking that they would be lost without their lists.  But would they?

The 8 best revision techniques

Revising for exams can feel a huge and hopeless task – so here are 8 of the best revision techniques.

A question of memory

Every month for the last five years I’ve written about an issue that I’ve helped people with. That might be to helping them to stop doing something, like smoking. Or it might be to help them start to do something that they were previously afraid of, like flying. This month though I thought I’d write about one of the requests I’ve had to refuse, about someone’s memory.

Mastermind and memory

Mastermind relies on prodigious levels of recall about specialist subjects – but can you learn to train your memory to Mastermind standards?

Watch experiment

A watch is a fairly common item, and most people wear one. That’s what makes this experiment so easy to do – especially with people who aren’t expecting it.

Your power nap masterclass

We could all do with a power nap at some time or another. But many people find they wake up late, or wake up feeling groggier than they were before. So what is the right way to power nap?