mental rehearsal

Shy bladder and hypnotherapy

Shy bladder and hypnotherapy Shy bladder, also called paruresis, is something that affects 4 million people in the UK, men and women alike. Mostly it’s minor inconvenience but for people like Darren* it can become something much worse. Anxiety about other people being present when he was urinating had increasingly affected his work and his social life.

Smoking reduction

Smoking reduction Graham* was in a very familiar situation when he rang me. A thirty-a-day smoker he’d been told to stop by his doctor, his wife, his children, and his grandchildren. The problem was Graham didn’t want to stop – but he did want to cut down.


Revenge,traditionally is both sweet and best served cold. However the truth is that it can be both disappointing and habit forming. So what’s the best way to cope with the desire for revenge?

The 478 sleep technique

Eddie* came to see me about a very common problem – insomnia.  What he didn’t expect was how easy and simple it was to get his sleep back -simply by counting for four, seven, and eight while breathing in and out.

5 ways to stop overthinking

One of the common traits among people who come to see me is overthinking, and a lot of people want to have a quieter mind, or a less intense inner dialogue.  But as people often ask me – “How do you learn to think less?”

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a word that’s bandied around a lot, and linked to everything from yoga to stress in the workplace. People who come to see me may have heard of it but often they aren’t clear about what it is. This post explains what I mean when I talk about mindfulness, both in my sessions and in these blog posts.

Resit stress – coping with exams

Nicola* was one of my more challenging cases – although she had a very clear idea of what she wanted to be able to do she also was also very doubtful about whether I, or hypnotherapy, could help her.  She had struggled with exam stress the previous year and now it was time to resit them, but her revision was going badly and she was more worried now than she had been at the same point last year.

Public speaking and the “Spotlight Effect”

People who have tried public speaking, or networking, and hated it will often think that their nerves or discomfort were obvious to the audience or other attendees.  This “spotlight effect” is in fact the combination of a number of mental processes – and some of them are surprisingly easy to overcome.

Distinctly under par – hypnotherapy for job interviews

Daniel* came to see me about his nerves in job interviews. “The last couple were terrible – I was either babbling or sitting there in silence” he told me, “and the last promotion that came up work didn’t give me an interview – twenty five years I’ve been there and now they don’t value me either.”

Information overload

People today process on average 100,000 words every day in their leisure time – no wonder that “information overload” is an increasingly heard phrase.