Bad habits – making and breaking them

Breaking bad habits is easier to do if we understand how they’re made, and how much our brains run on autopilot.  But after that how do we actually change or eliminate them?


Most of us have experienced a pang of jealousy at some point in our lives. But what’s it like to have those feelings of jealousy all the time? And more importantly, what can you do about them?

The RAIN method and difficult emotions

The RAIN method is a technique taken from mindfulness. It can be used to help people deal successfully with difficult emotions and states of mind, and its four simple steps are easy to remember.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is at the heart of a lot of the work I do with people who see me about anxiety and intrusive thoughts.  It’s a way of learning to deal more effectively not just with unwanted thoughts and feelings, but also with difficult situations.

Meditation – what’s the harm?

The popularity of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, or MBCT, has focussed attention on the benefits of meditation and cultivating a quiet mind. But if meditation is as powerful as it’s described, can it also be capable of harm?

  • Don't worry, you can improve your memory
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    Six tricks and four simple steps to improve your memory

Six tricks and four simple steps to improve your memory

If your memory is more like a sieve than the proverbial elephant’s don’t despair – there are some very practical steps that you can take to noticeably improve your memory.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a word that’s bandied around a lot, and linked to everything from yoga to stress in the workplace. People who come to see me may have heard of it but often they aren’t clear about what it is. This post explains what I mean when I talk about mindfulness, both in my sessions and in these blog posts.

Practical help for problems sleeping

For many of us seeing that it’s three o’clock in the morning on a bedside clock is a welcome message that we have another three or four hours of sleep to look forward to.  But for those with problems sleeping it’s just another reminder of how little they have slept, and how little time they have left.

You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry – hypnotherapy for anger issues

We all get frustrated and annoyed at times but John* was known in work and by his friends as “Angry John”. Never far off shouting or losing his temper, it was affecting every area of his life – his marriage, his friendships, and his work. Even the way he walked into the room to discuss hypnotherapy for anger issues, with his hands stuffed into his bomber jacket, looked angry.

Coping with hypertension – hypnotherapy for high blood pressure

Malcolm* came to see me for hypnotherapy for high blood pressure, or hypertension, and he’d already done a lot to try and manage it. He was eating more healthily and was taking more exercise – digging over his vegetable patch and walking to the shop every morning for the papers. He was starting to lose weight and was drinking less, but was becoming frustrated because his high blood pressure wasn’t reducing as quickly as he thought it should be.