Culture specific illness and heavy legs

Travelling to France on holiday? Then you’ll have your EHIC and your travel insurance. But what’s your risk of getting “heavy legs”?

Sounds, colours, and tastes – synaesthesia

Imagine if every time you heard a particular sound you automatically saw a block of a particular colour. Or every time you heard a particular musical instrument you got a particular taste in your mouth. This is the experience of synaesthesia, where letter A’s are bright red and trombones are bitter.

The common touch

Even though our skin is our largest organ, weighing about the same as a bowling ball, touch is our most commonly overlooked sense. Yet touch not only connects us to other people, it may even help us develop our own identities.

What is CBT ?

CBT, or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, is a talking therapy. Whilst CBT cannot remove your problems it can help you to manage them in a much more positive way.

The placebo effect

We’re all aware of the placebo effect, and we all think that we understand it – but what about placebos still working even when you know they’re just sugar pills? Or their evil twins, nocebos, that can induce side effects from the same sugar pills?


I’m delighted to welcome as a guest blogger Dr Sarah Norman, who runs BrightNewMe, a non-surgical cosmetic procedures clinic.  A qualified doctor of 26 years standing, with extensive experience in hospital and general practice, Dr Norman has a particular interest in dermatology.  The unregulated nature of the aesthetics industry concerns Dr Norman, who believes that treatment with botulinum toxins and dermal fillers injections should be regarded as a medical procedure, and carried out by appropriately qualified individuals.   In this blog post Dr Norman discusses the use of Botox® to treat migraine.

Can’t smile without you – hypnotherapy for dentistry

Jack* wasn’t by any means the first groom I’d seen in the run up to a wedding. Unlike most however he didn’t want me to help him overcome any nerves around his speech – what was worrying Jack was the bride-to-be’s ultimatum. “She’s told me to get these gaps in my teeth sorted out for the photographs” he told me “and I know I should but I’m terrified of the dentist. It’s always horrible.”

Marathons and Muhammad Ali – Hypnotherapy for running

Roger* sent me a text yesterday with the simple message “Done it!” after his first ever triathlon. Given that I’m not a personal trainer, or ever likely to be mistaken for one, why had he sent that message to me?

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Turning Back the Clock – hypnotherapy for pain

Daisy* was struggling with painful arthritis in her hips and pelvis. The problem was that many of the treatments that she could take just didn’t suit her. Some of them didn’t make much difference to her pain, and the ones that did either had unpleasant side effects or couldn’t be taken for long periods.

Putting our heads together – hypnotherapy for psoriasis

Damian* was being driven to distraction by the itching from his psoriasis. It was mainly on his scalp, and his constant scratching and picking was now such an ingrained habit that he wasn’t even aware of doing it. “If I don’t even notice I’m doing it” he asked me “then can I learn to stop? The problem is my doctor says I’m making my it worse, and I’m pulling out bits of hair as well.”