Secondary gains – the tip of the iceberg

Weight loss is an area that takes up a lot of peoples’ energy and attention, especially in the New Year. People join clubs and classes, or sign up to diets and meal replacement plans.

A matter of taste

We’re all aware of the four tastes – sweet, salty, bitter and sour – and many of us are also aware of the fifth, umami. But how many tastes are there, and how can understanding them help you to be healthier?

The limits of self control

Self control is at the root of a lot of the issues that people come to me with – whether it’s eating or drinking to excess, or issues around anger or intrusive thoughts. But what do we really understand about self-control, and how can we improve it?

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Breaking the cycle of yo-yo dieting

When Maddie* came to see me she shared an incredible fact with me – over the last few years she had lost about 12 stones in weight. She had just asked for my help to lose weight but as I said to her “If you’ve managed to lose that much weight you’re probably the last person who needs to learn more.”

Coping with failure

Lots of the people who come to see me will tell me that they lack willpower. Many of them however don’t lack willpower – instead they aren’t well equipped at coping with failure.

Alan the emotional eater – hypnotherapy for eating habits

Christmas is coming and it’s not just the geese that will be getting fatter. For Alan* it was a time of year that he was beginning to dread as much as look forward to. “It’s all the food” he told me “especially when there are buffets and there’s no-one limiting what I can eat.” Alan had asked me to hypnotise him into believing that he’d had a gastric band fitted. I explained that I didn’t offer that but to come and see me, without any obligation, and talk about what he wanted to achieve.

When aversion therapy backfires – hypnotherapy for chocolate cravings

I wasn’t the first hypnotherapist that Patsy* had seen. Desperate to lose weight she had seen someone for hypnotherapy for chocolate cravings, and been made to hate chocolate. Seemingly all was well, and Patsy wasn’t having any cravings, when she met her friend for a coffee. Her friend had ordered a hot chocolate and Patsy found herself feeling horribly sick because of the smell.

Positive Shrinking – Hypnotherapy for weight loss

As a clinical hypnotherapist a lot of people come to see me about losing weight. What they ask me is to plant a “willpower” chip in their brain, which I can’t, or to make them hate a particular food, which I won’t.

How do you keep on keeping on? – keeping resolutions

If you’re reading this and struggling with, or have already given up on, your new year’s resolutions then you can at least take some comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. According to a survey by Cancer Research UK between a third and half of people already have broken their resolutions by now, and as a result have given up on them. So how, in the words of the Nolan Porter classic, do you keep on keeping on?

Breaking bad habits – are you undermining yourself?

This will be my last blog post this year, and I realise that I’ve very quickly got into the routine of writing them every week, and found the Wednesday morning deadline to be a useful discipline for me. That said not every habit that people develop is as welcome or as helpful, and in a couple of weeks’ time we’ll see the seasonal slew of articles on New Year’s resolutions.