smoking cessation

Plain packs and health warnings

Plain packs, prominent health warnings, and now even a colour called opaque couche – but why don’t all of these anti-smoking measures make more people stop?

Should I quit or cut down smoking?

It’s official – more people are deciding to quit or cut down smoking. The number of smokers in Britain is the lowest that has been recorded since 1974, with just one in six adults in the UK smoking.

Smoking reduction

Smoking reduction Graham* was in a very familiar situation when he rang me. A thirty-a-day smoker he’d been told to stop by his doctor, his wife, his children, and his grandchildren. The problem was Graham didn’t want to stop – but he did want to cut down.

Scared of successfully stopping smoking

It’s October, and I always see an increase in people who want to stop smoking prompted by the Stoptober campaign.  Over the years I’ve seen all sorts of behaviours around smoking – people who started before they were ten; people who’d smoked for over fifty years; people who smoked fifty a day; people who only smoked at work or in the car; and people who smoked and believed that no-one else could tell.

Running out of steam – quitting e-cigarettes

I’ve helped a lot of people to stop smoking over the last few years – people who smoked more than forty a day, people who’d smoked since they were 12, and people who had tried and failed nearly twenty times.  Adam* though was someone who I’d never seen before – someone who wanted to stop smoking e-cigarettes.

Seven simple tips for keeping resolutions

If you’ve made a resolution this year, and want to keep it, then these seven simple tips can help you to make a success of it.

Vape measures

No matter what your views on it are, smoking is becoming less and less socially acceptable, and the people who come to see me for smoking cessation are increasingly giving that as one of their reasons.  What many of them have tried is e-cigarettes”, and with 2.1M users in the UK and  “vaping” predicted to overtake smoking in the west in the next ten years, there’s also no doubt that this is increasing in popularity.