“Why are presents so hard to choose?”

You look absolutely fed up.

I am.  I’m trying to buy peoples’ Christmas presents and it’s a nightmare.

What’s so difficult about it?  Is it the amount of them?

No, it’s figuring out what to get people.  That’s what’s so difficult.  Take our Judith’s lad Kevin for example.

The one who likes bird-spotting?

That’s him.  Well I’ve been trying to find something bird related for him.  I found some whiskey glasses with grouse on them, but I think that’s more to do with shooting.

Plus he’s only twelve of course.

That’s true.  What about a Harry Potter owl?  It says spells out loud when you pull its beak.

What does Kevin actually want?

Oh there’s a bird book he’s after – he has told me which one.  Do you think I should buy him another bird book then?

What about the book he actually said he’d like?

Well I can’t do that.  It doesn’t show much imagination on my part does it? 

What else has he asked for?

He’s asked for cash to put towards a new telescope.  I think he’s after looking at the harder to spot ones now.

What about giving him the cash then?

That’s a terrible present.

What would you have wanted when you were his age?

Well cash I suppose, or a postal order.  But then I used to get some rotten presents – anything with a dog on it.  I should buy Kevin something that shows how much I’ve thought about him.

But you’ve thought about him a lot, and you haven’t come up with anything you’re sure he’ll like.  And isn’t better to get him something he’ll like rather than trying to show how good you are at choosing presents?

When you put it like that I suppose you’re right – plus showing I’ve listened to him is a bit special too.

Cash it is then?

Yes – do you think the money wallet with the robin on?  He does like his birds you know.


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