Why are you so tired all the time?

I’ve written before about feeling “tired all the time” and how it can be related to too busy lifestyles.  But what else might be driving your tiredness, especially if you’re the one in every five of us who is feeling wiped out today.

It might be you need to exercise more.

We need three half-hours of heart-rate raising exercise a week for our physical and mental good health.  Feeling tired, especially if you’re not managing this, can be a sign that you need to exercise more.

It doesn’t have to be high-intensity or high impact.  Walking upstairs at a steady pace for just 10 minutes can leave you feeling newly energised, and help promote better more restful sleep.

It might be you need to eat less processed food.

We are the processed food and ready meal capital of Europe, and it accounts for over half of the food we buy as a nation.  Unfortunately that leaves us low in micronutrients like calcium, which has a detrimental effect on our energy levels.   The solution?  More meals made from scratch and fresh vegetables and fruit. 

You might need to lose weight

Anyone who’s heaved a sigh of relief as they put down heavy shopping will know what a tiring chore it is to carry too much weight about.  It’s not just the fact that we’re physically carrying too much weight though.  Being overweight makes us increase our levels of the hormone leptin which causes us to feel tired and lethargic.

You might need to drink more water

Even mild dehydration can increase levels of fatigue and lower levels of concentration.  This is easily remedied through drinking more fluids.  You should aim for two litres a day, but it doeasn’t have to be entirely made up of water – tea, coffee, and fruit juice count as well.

You might be anxious

Anxiety, and the body’s response to it, will encourage feelings of tiredness and fatigue.  The answer to these is as I outlined in my original blog post – start the day with breakfast, include some exercise, include some time for yourself, and switch off from technology and social media for at least ninety minutes before bed.

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